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FRSR invites creative Ukrainians to work with us! 

Currently there are three main opportunities:
1 - Content creators
2 - Technical experts
3 - Sales support
During the past 6 months over 30 talented people from different fields have worked with us. Among them were models, content creators, UX designers, fashion producers, marketers and others.


Will you be next?

A few ideas on what you could work on with us:

  • If you are a model, you can make content for us and take part in shoots.
  • If you do photography or video, you can do fashion campaigns, catalogue shoots and everything around it.
  • Perhaps you are a marketing or sales expert - then let's work together to increase brand awareness and to make clothes of Ukrainian designers spread faster around the world.
  • Another option, if you have great organizational skills and communication skills at 100% you can organize with us a pop-up event or any other activity.

    And so on to infinity...

    No restrictions. But most importantly it should brings some benefits for Ukrainian creators and designers with whom we cooperate.

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