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2WB is a strong Ukrainian fashion brand that explores the allure and the strength of feminine nature. It was celebrated during Ukrainian Fashion Week, in Elle magazine and 2WB is worn by many creative, extraordinary women worldwide.


The brand started out producing swimwear and the technical challenges of this laid foundations for the complex, beautiful clothes that the brand now creates.

Complex geometric lines, sheer fabrics, skinny fit and sensual prints are used to form a brave image of a women, who wants to stand out, showing her wild nature and body.

"We look into different sides of beauty keeping in mind a feminine refined aesthetic.We want every women to feel her uniqueness and attraction while wearing 2WB pieces."

2WB is in demand from contemporary dance and ballet companies because of the technical quality of costumes they are able to produce. Its work was seen this year in Kyiv with Lisova. The brand has also been active and innovative in the virtual world with collections showcased on DRESSx

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